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Cozy up this fall!

Fall is finally here. Since Lux Leonis is located in Georgia, USA, it took a while for fall to arrive here. At the end of October, it is finally here!

So many of us love fall for many different reasons.

Perhaps, it is the sweater weather, the boots and cute scarves or, maybe, it is the pumpkin spice, apples and the fallen leaves. To me, fall has always been a signpost of many wonderful things to come: the boots, of course; pumpkin spice lattes; fireplace but, also, the Thanksgiving Holidays.

I have so much for which I am thankful. I have a loving family, our twins are funny little independent humans and I get to do what I really love: teach, spend time with animals on our farm, formulate and deliver superior quality skin, hair and body care. Daily, I hear from you how I help to relax or energize you with my aromatic candles and how I give you opportunity to celebrate yourself by providing you with products that you enjoy. I get to make many people happy because I know that the products I create brings them moments of self care, joy and relaxation. This is what make me happy and thankful.

What do you like about fall?

While we are on topic of fall, did you prep your skin for the major change in seasons?

Please let me know!

Meanwhile, enjoy the coziness of fall. If you appreciate all the fall scents, don't hesitate to try some of our fall soaps, candles and bundles!

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