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How to "self-care" when you don't have time.

When I tell friends about my products, I often hear : "Skin care and beauty products are so shallow, I don't have time for 'all that'"... First, I do not view Lux Leonis products as skin care or beauty, I view them as self-care products but this is a whole another post.

Back to the typical comments. Honestly, I beg to differ and there is science behind it.

Your health literally depends on you taking a little time to yourself. According to National Alliance on Mental Health Illness : "Any amount of time you take for yourself is important. Being out of “caregiver mode” for as little as five minutes in the middle of a day packed with obligations can be a meaningful reminder of who you are in a larger sense. It can help keep you from becoming consumed by your responsibilities. Start small."

I view skincare as an opportunity to celebrate self and regain balance. As a mother of two wonderful but energetic children, academic and entrepreneur, I often run low on steam. There is always something or someone needing my attention. I know that regardless of your age, marital status or occupation, you can relate. We are always busy... There comes a point when you think to yourself, I need a break. Then, you catch yourself thinking: if I take a break now, I will never catch up on my to do list. And so the evil circle continues.

Here is my solution: We all need to shower/bathe so we all need products for that.

The question is: will you choose products that will do the job and make you feel amazing, celebrate self and take a meaningful break or will you choose the product to "just get you cleaned"? I view shower as an opportunity to take a moment for myself. It really is a moment because I do rush a lot but even if it is just a moment, it is a moment well spent.

Instead of just cleaning my body, I walk myself through a sensory experience by using products with different textures and aromas. At the same time, these products are of such high quality that they not only put my mind at ease but also make my skin look and feel amazing. Your mental well-being may literally depend on it, I know that mine does.

Do not just take my word for it. Psychology Today notes: " If you need some time to re-energize, do it. Your mental wellbeing is just as important as your overall wellbeing, and you must take care of your brain like you take care of the rest of your body. Your good health depends on it."

My favorite to go products for self care:

Luxury soap bars for daily use.

Shower Frosting: 2x a week to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish my skin.

Body butter or body oil to get my glow on, daily.

Let's not forget about candles and wax melts as the aromatic experience will elevate your self-care routine to new heights.

Pro-tip: have a wax melt in a warmer at all times (when you are around for safety, of course) to surround you with aromas that relax or energize you exactly when you need a mood-boost.

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