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This artisan soap collection makes for a great gift. It gives you a chance to try different soaps or make a lovely gift of items made with love.You have a choice of:COLD WEATHER COLLECTION- Cranberry, Apple, harvest moon,sparkling cider.  This collection is warm and fruity. Harvest moon and sparkling cider are both slightly warm and spicy. Cranberry and apple are fruity and comforting. MEN'S BEST- this collection contains best selling masculine soaps: immortal, Thorn Coral, victorious and odeum vanille or Emperor by night. These soaps are crowd pleasers.Lady's Favorites- this collection contains best selling feminine tending soaps: empress, blush and Suede, madame de Versailles and echoing hearts or another lady's soap (the last one depends on availability). These soaps tend floral.Each set of soaps contains full size soaps, come in a box that is labeled  according to variety and have a ribbon according to variety. Picture is cold weather soap collection (mislabeled as fall harvest)..

Artisan (4) Soap collection: choice of cold weather, men's best and ladies fave

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