Will you help me help them?


After witnessing the horrors of the Australian bushfires, I created soap to raise funds to help with recovery efforts to Australian wildlife. I think we all can agree that the damage done is tragic; according to @npr, 27 people have died, more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed, 18 million acres have burned, and a billion animals may have been killed. @cbsnews also reports that one billion animals have died and that approximately 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have been lost since the fires intensified in September.


In a private conversation via Facebook, @wildliferescue.sunshinecoast told me that help is desperately needed to rescue and feed animals that are left; there is no support for the carers that have remained to help them. As a result, I have decided to partner with this nonprofit organization to raise funds directly through pre-purchases of this Australia-themed, carefully crafted bar soap. There are three different designs for which I will be accepting pre-purchases to raise funding for the cause:


"Save the Outback" is inspired by the sprawling red savannahs and towering mountain ranges of the Australian outback. It will come to you stamped with an outline of a kangaroo, one of the many unique and irreplaceable species that calls the outback its home. This soap smells very earthy and conjures up images of horseback rides through the rugged expanse and campsites under clear, starry skies. 


"Billabong Dreamin’" is inspired by the soothing Aboriginal customs and tranquil scenery of the Australian Billabong. Australian Aboriginals believe in dreaming and storytelling. If you don't dream, you have no story; you have nothing. Billabong Dreamin’ reflects that philosophy in its watercolor design and otherworldly pigmentation. This soap smells fresh, crisp, and slightly sweet. 


"Australian Flame Tree" is inspired by a vibrant red tree endemic to the subtropical east coast of Australia. This soap is dark and slightly smoky, and has a pleasant, earthy smell with strong influences of tree bark and wood. It is softened with hints of orange. (Picture pending.)


Because I am unable to predict the demand, I will be selling these soaps as "pre-purchases". Your purchase will immediately support Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast in their endeavor to save and rehabilitate as many of the victims of the Australian bushfires as they can. Due to the lengthy process of creating and curing soap, it will be 4-8 weeks before these products can be shipped out. Given the urgency of the needed funds, I humbly ask for your patience and understanding. 


Please help me save wildlife. As a mother and a nature lover, I want to do everything I possibly can to ensure that my children and future generations have the same opportunities to experience the amazing wildlife as I do, and not just read about them because they have become extinct. While I do not have the same kind of outreach and money that stars such as Pink, Serena Williams, Jason Momoa, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others have to directly aid the cause, I want to help in the best way I can.


Even if you do not feel drawn to help the victims of the Australian bushfires, please consider buying soap anyways and I will contribute profits to the cause. Don't want or can't buy soap? Please think about donating directly or sharing this product with others.

Australian Wildlife Rescue Fund

Australian Wildlife Rescue FundRaiser

Coconut oil, sustainably harvested palm oil, tallow, olive oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, water, sodium hydroxide (none remains after saponification), shea butter, castor oil, fragrance, skin-safe and cosmetic-approved colorant, sustainably harvested silk

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