This amazing butter was imported from Benin, West Africa to deliver you with unique quality product that is of superior quality and freshness. By purchasing directly from Benin, we contributed to fair pay and clean water project. I am happy to let you know that fresh clean water has been turned on and everyone in the village has not access to water.To celebrate, I offer this butter at special price of $10 per 4 oz (Reg $15).This butter was made using traditional minimal processing methods including roasting over fire. It rains nutty and smoky scent. If you are concerned about this, please choose whipped option with apricot and coconut oil as well as wonderful relaxing fragrance of my own design. This fragrance is new and part of my upcoming "sleep ritual" line. It has notes of lavender, vanilla and delicate peppermint. This lovely relaxing scent compliments this Shea quite well. This Butter is unrefined and infused with burututu root which is a West African Herb full of antioxidants. Pure Shea option weighs 4 oz by weight while fragranced whipped Shea (with apricot and coconut oils) is packaged to the brim by 4 oz volume.This product is very different to the decadent butter as it is greasier and absorbs slower due to nature of pure shea butter.I personally thank you for your purchase thus your contribution to the clean water project in Benin.

Benin Shea Butter and Whipped Butter