Awake your senses with authentic Ecuadorian Z Beans coffee and milk from our own goats. This soap contains nourishing shea butter, moisturizing sweet almond oil, and silk for a luxurious feel. Not only will this soap leave your skin silky smooth, but it will also give your mornings the perkiness that coffee gives you due to the caffeine. Let the aromatic scents of coffee fill your mornings with happiness. It contains coffee bits for a scrubby effect. Note that not all soaps are the same because they are handcrafted.Colors and designs may vary from product ot product.  Ingredients- Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Tallow, Palm Oil, Goat Milk, Canola Oil, Water, Almond Oil *Sodium Hydroxide* (Sodium Hydroxide does not remain after saponification process. Sodium Hydroxide is a necessary ingredident for traditional soap making)*, Shea Butter, Fragrance , Mineral Colorant, coffee.

Coffee and Cream, Goat Milk Soap

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