Enjoy the bubble bath like no other. These are very different to bath bombs as they do not contain citric acid. You will get no fizz but you will get lots of bubbles! Just crumble your flower under the running water and let the agitation of running water over broken up flowers create all the luxurious hollywood bubbles you desire. These bars come packed in a box or bag so they are also a great instant gift idea! A huge benefit of these is that they contain a lot of skin loving cocoa butter to make your bathing experience even better. 

Pro tip: don't need so many bubbles? Cut your bubble bath in half and use at a later time. These are strongly scented so you should get plenty aroma even with half a bar. 

Ingredients: slsa (ecocert surfectant) , sodium cocoyl isethionate (plant derived surfectant aka bubble maker), decyl glucoside (another gentle bubble maker), cocoa butter, fragrance, polysorbate 80 , colorant

Gardenia (white)
Rose (pink)
Farmhouse Magnolia ( Off white and green)

Mademoiselle de Versailles


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Bubble Bath Flowers