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Tired of 2020 and all the negativity that came with it? Burn some sage! 
This candle smells true to white sage. It's earthy and refreshing unlike the old, dusty cupboard sage.  A fresh, bright herbal scent, with a softly sweet dry down, certainly not reminiscent of turkey stuffing! Simply incredible. An all year round aroma.

Burning Sage in Native American tradition is often referred to as "smudging" and was used for variety of benefits including cleansing, purification and clearing negative energy. According to Rosalyn LaPier, Ph.D., an award-winning Indigenous writer and ethnobotanists, "smudging is the process of burning dried plants or other natural elements and then using the smoke to cleanse themselves , objects , or even places". 

This candle takes on a modern twist to burning Sage. Out of respect for native American tradition, this candle is not so much about ritualistic act of burning Sage but more of a pleasant experience that can be mentally freeing. 

This soy candle contains 12 oz of wax and comes in a box, perfect for gifting. It makes a great hostess gift or a house warming gift.

Burning Sage 2020 Candle

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