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Beach, vacations, Pina Colada.... All of this is long overdue for most of us. This aroma will take you on instant vacations in the tropics, including the scent of drinks on the beach.

This fruity fragrance oil begins with ripe pineapple, orange, and apple for a super juicy first impression. Middle notes of succulent melon and creamy coconut add to the beachy aroma, while light jasmine notes give it a subtle floral quality. The rum base note turns this fruity fusion into a cocktail with a touch of vanilla that rounds out this delicious fragrance

I am not kidding when I say it smells like cocktails on the beach. Smell it for yourself.

This is a large aromatic candle containing 11 oz of wax. Keep your wicks trimmed and burn your candle responsibly away from pets, children and flammables. Total weight of the product including glass is almost 2 lbs. No eligible for first class shipping.

Cocktails on Beach

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