Take control with a body soap as powerful and awesome as you are.


When life gets out of hand, Empress is here to remind you of the miracle-worker you are. Feminine, graceful, confident, and powerful, this soap is everything you deserve after a hard day’s work and the perfect scent to both start your morning and conclude your night. This soap features a stunning medley of silky reds, glittering gold, and luscious pinks to set the mood, and the lovely blend of coconut, candy apple, raspberry, vanilla, rose, tulip, and more makes Empress impossible not to love.


With its elegant, intricate, and slightly enigmatic fragrance and its luscious appearance fit exclusively for royalty, this product will remind you of your strength, revitalize your skin, and help you face the journey before you with authority, poise, and dignity – just like the empress you are.


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