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Eye of the Sea or "Morskie Oko" (in Polish) is the largest lake in Polish Tatra Mountains.

Without a doubt, Eye of the Sea is a beautiful place. This lake is very clear and clean which is reflected in the scent. The name "Morskie Oko" ("Sea Eye", "Eye of the Sea") is derived from an old legend, according to which the lake was connected to the sea via an underground passage.

With limited travel, light a candle to transport yourself to this beautiful place. With notes of fresh ozone, touch of citrus and light musk which balance the woody violet and cedar in the base, you can instantly feel like you are in a place where you belong.

This is definitely an all year scent rather than a snowy, winter kind. I think you will love it.

There is a little background to why I chose this scent and name: When I was a tennis player in Poland, a team of top players would travel to Tatra Mountains in the middle of snowy winter for conditioning purposes. It was unusual kind of "fun" to run up the mountains in the knee deep snow. Somehow, though, I really have pleasant memories of these times. The beautiful scenery and refreshing smell of nature, water gave me the feeling of being on top of the world where everything is possible.

This is a very large double wick candle. It contains 11 oz of wax. Lux Leonis candles are known to fill a room with beautiful aromas. Keep your wicks trimmed. Burn responsibly away from flammables, children and pets.

Eye of the Sea Classic Double Wick Candle

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