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In March 2020, my own family in Poland invited Ukrainian refugees into our home.

They come from the Mykolaiv Oblast in Ukraine (Basztanka). (If you Google it, you can learn about the tragedy there).

They escaped horrible conditions after the Russian Army attacked them on March 1..Their homes were turned to ashes.

They had no choice but to run from the shelling. The men took them to the station and stayed behind while women and children escaped to Poland. The refugee families in my home went through Romania, Hungary, Slovakia to Poland, all the way to my hometown and my family in Inowroclaw. It was a long 6 day trip to reach my family and safety.

This particular fundraiser in for the Ukrainian families in my home, to help them live comfortably as they came with nothing.

Once again, I have a candle, soap and a artistic soap. Please allow for additional processing time..I make everything as fast as I can. You may expect your order to be shipped in 1-3 weeks.

Thank you so much for helping me make their lives a bit better.

You can see the photos of families and the

destruction in their hometown.

I am directly donating so there is no organization involved. If you prefer a different fundraiser that raises money for the Red Cross, I have it too under a different listing.

Helping hands, Artistic soap $10

Candle : Be Kind is 11 oz of wax (total weight almost 2 lbs) in soft eucalyptus and vanilla. $20

Sunflower skies is soap with white tea $8.50

Helping hands, Artistic Candle $10

helping hands in

Funds for Ukrainian Refugees in my home: soaps and candle

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