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Cleopatra was known for milk and honey baths as well as flawless complexion. There is a good chance that the complexion was a result of those baths. 
This soak contains three different milks, honey , soothing aveeno oats and is well over a pound (20 oz to be exact). All these wonderful Ingredients are wrapped in skin loving European salts. European Spa Salts are solar evaporated and harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They are produced using the ancient method of solar evaporation. European Spa Salts are one of the purest salts in the world.

To top these ingredients, unrefined artisan sunflower oil from oliver farm was added as well as moisturizing sweet almond oil. This milk bath soak is delivery amazing experience! Try it, your senses will thank you.

Ingredients: European spa salt , sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, fragrance, butter milk, goat milk, coconut milk, Oliver farm sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, polysorbate 80, cream of tartar, corn starch, kaolin clay, decyl glucoside, lake#5

Hello Sunshine Milk Bath Soak

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