Limited edition soap that smells as unique as it looks. It's is made with Fair Trade Baraka Shea butter, supporting women and youth of Ghana. This soap was made for soap competition (although I did not submit it to compete). Now, onto the scent. It is complex and no individual notes can be distinguished on its own. Each notes is layered onto another which add complexity and uniqueness. Delicate notes of lime intermingle with sweet and crisp bergamot oil. Fragrant frankincense (olibanum) and lemony litsea cubeba round out this blend. It's got a citrus kick, with a slightly smoky and resinous finish that makes this fragrance sweet + sultry. Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, US sourced tallow, Olive oil, Oliver Farm artisan sunflower oil, canola oil, goat milk, water, sodium hydroxide, Shea butter, soy oil, fragrance, local honey, mica, silkWeight 5+ oz