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For the past several months I molded with nature. Living on a farm isn't always easy but proved to me a blessing during the pandemic related shutdown. This also means, I have been outside smelling, touching, feeling everything that nature has to offer. 

This soap smells like the grassy pastures with hints of herbs in my garden. 
I also want to draw your attention to the design and unique crystalization of luxury artisan pumpkin oil local to me farm and artisan oil makers.  
This soap is very luxurious and one of a kind. This soap and recipe will probably never be repeated. 
Limited quantities. 

Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, US sourced tallow, Olive oil, Oliver Farm artisan sunflower oil, canola oil, goat milk, water, sodium hydroxide, Oliver farm pumpkin seed butter, Shea butter, soy oil, fragrance, mica, silk

Natural Habitat

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