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These beautiful single wick status vessels with lit look beautiful and smell even better.
Classic look in variety of scents.please choose for new favorites:

Fresh picked mint--true to it's name, just like my garden mint (not a chewing gum spearmint)

Wine Country-an amazing scent of green vineyard vines as you walk the rows of freshly emerging vine leaves.

Woodland raspberry  --juicy raspberry mixed with woodsy birch. It's like picking and eating wild berries on your wall in the woods. 

Dancing cranberries--tart, sweet, refreshing, all at once. It's a year round favorite.

Mango sunrise--ripe mango, purely delicious

Each candle is 9-9.5 oz of wax which burns nice and slow.
Please burn responsibility, on a non flammable surface, away from drafts, pets and children.
Allow candle to reach full melt pull on a first burn to avoid tunneling.

New Candle Scents!

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