This is the "New Year, New You" type of offer. I may have lost my mind but I want you all to try it because I know you will love it.Note, some of the product will be made to order. It is limited time offer and will expire in Jan 2, 2020. If you order by Jan 1, it will ship no later than January 2. Step 1: cleanse. This facial cleanser is gentle yet effective. Plant proteins, skin conditioners and vitamins were added to make this product extra loving. Twice daily.Step 2: Exfoliate with gentle facial micro scrub that contains Willow bark extract and green tea extract that are simply magical for your skin. It is also made with jojoba beads which are biodegradable. Use 1-2 times a week.Step 3: Refresh and firm up with the rose and aloe water facial mist. This mist contains maximum recommend strength hyaluronic acid. This hyaluronic acid is different than in firming serum and age defying cream to differently target your skin. It also contains vinatmins such as B3, B5, B6, C, E. It is far more than just rose water mist. It's a full strength serum that plays a double duty. Can be used day and/or night.Step 4: Apply age defying cream with hyaluronic acid (different molecular weight than the one in facial mist), argan and emu oils, silk peptides, vitamin B5, rose water, and asparagus extract to help firm your skin. Can be used day and night.Step 5: Nourish and recover with Nilotica night Recovery mask. This mask is one of the most underrated products ....until it's tried . Wake up to a positively radiant and soft skin. Best of used at night as the last step.

New Year Special: Face Care System