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This is 100% all natural soap made with Clays and essential oils. Before I tell you more about it, I want to draw your attention to Bolga Basket which inspired this soap and the Baraka Shea butter mission and vision: To help Ghana communities earn fair pay and provide education opportunities. Since Baraka Shea and Lux Leonis mission and visions overlap, I decided to purchase handwoven Bolga basket made by women in Ghana. I also purchase wonderful baraka shea butter. The Bolga basket is a fruit basket but there are many varieties. Check them out. 

Part of the advanced category for the soap challenge in which this soap took part, participants could only use natural (not lab created nor nature identical but actually natural) colors like clays, plant infusions and only essential oils (or no fragrance), no synthetics of any kind. 
For the essential oil blend, i used "revive" blend consisting of peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, spearmint, and tea tree.  For color, unused rose clay, french green clay and  alkanet infusion. 

Of course, it is made with Oliver Farm local artisan sunflower oil, our own goat milk and local honey. 
Ingredients: coconut oil, sunstainably sourced palm oil, US sourced Tallow, Olive oil, local artisan sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, canola oil, goat milk, water, sodium hydroxide, Shea butter, castor oil, fragrance, colorant, honey, silk.


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