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Ditch the waste and travel woes of conventional shampoo for this delightful shampoo bar, scented with one of our most popular fragrances!


This Sea Goddess pH Balanced Shampoo Bar is fantastic for most hairstyles and features a delightful design and scent that is sure to revitalize and reinvigorate your hair care routine. Packaged in an environmentally-friendly tin that will completely reinvent the way you travel with hair products, this shampoo contains green tea oil, sweet almond oil, sea kelp, and vegetable keratin.


Whether ordered as a Sea Goddess set or as an individual item, you can’t go wrong with the Sea Goddess pH Balanced Shampoo Bar. If you aren’t sure where your hair lies on the dry to oily spectrum, this is a great place to start; you simply can't go wrong!

Sea Goddess pH Balanced Shampoo Bar

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