Benefit your skin and save!
This face roller, which comes either in Quarz or Jade will improve the appearance of your skin, especially when combined with our hydrating or nourishing serums. Massage rollers have been used since ancient times by Asian women to tighten the skin, reduce puffiness, and improve circulation.
You choose your serum and roller.

Hydrating serum with provitamin B5, silk, and hyarulonic acid hydrates and firms the skin.
Ingredients: water, silk, hyarulonic acid, all natural preservative (leucidal), glycerine.

Everlasting youth serum is an oil based nourishing serum high in vitamin c. 

Ingredients: vitamin c, rosehip oil, argan oil, exotic kokum butter, hempseed oil, vitamin e, fractionated coconut and ginseng extract.

Scented with soothing lavender essential oil.

Travel Sized Serum: 5 ml/0.25 oz.

Total value is $50+.

Serum and Cool Stone Face Roller