Oh my! Having trouble with individual listings because there are too many options?

Here is a summary of all available candles in our classic double wick. The listing is for one candle of your choice which is 11 oz.


Southern pine is a classic candle that will remind you of the moment you get a free Christmas tree with a touch of winter.

Dancing cranberry is another return of a classic. slightly crisp, slightly sweet and a little tart cranberries make for a refreshing treat. This scent does not have any spice in it.

Silent night is a lovely combination of vanilla and anise. If you dislike vanilla, this one will not put you off. If you like Jo Malone vanilla anise, you will love this one. Very upscale scent.

Winter Pomegranate-- wow, warm notes of slightly warm slightly sweet, slightly spiced pomegranate will awaken your longing for Christmas. Because it doesn't have any notes of fir or pine, it is not the "same 'ole, same'ole".

Frasier fir no needs introduction. This is an every year winner.

Candy cane is another classic that needs no introduction yet it draws crowds each year.

Various Christmas Candles