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About Us


Lux Leonis Skincare was born from passion toward high-quality skincare and derived from the best ingredients in nature. As a farm owner, loving a sustainable lifestyle, raising goats, chickens, dogs and growing my own garden, I found that the freshest ingredients are the best ingredients. This is not only true as nourishment for my family but also holds true with animals we raise. This is even more true for things that we put on our skin. The skin is the largest organ so we need to treat it with great care.


As a researcher and educator "by day", it is important to me that not only that I try to fulfill my dreams, but that I help others achieve their dreams as well. This company, therefore, was established to help me achieve my dreams of creating sustainable skin care company and to help students in Middle Georgia and Mercer University to gain experience and grow as future professionals. Long term, I also would like to hire men and women thus providing job opportunities and education in the region. 


This company is not just any business that sells products, this is a company that helps others grow. We often donate our goods to less fortunate to, hopefully, bring a little bit of joy and luxury that they would otherwise not experience.


Finally, this is not just a company, it is a lifestyle. We live close to nature, we are part of nature. We use ingredients offered by nature. 

Lux Leonis Skin Care is, after all, handcrafted with Nature's Best Ingredients.

History of Soap and Natural Skin Care
The history of soap dates back to 2800 bc and babilonias.

In Ancient Rome, soap was mainly made out of goats tallow and wood ashes. It was pretty drying soap. However, Romans  actually would have used olive oil and sand to cleanse. This certainly was the first sign of exfoliation (in case you wonder why we still use salt in natural skin care for exfoliation, look back to ancient romans).

In 8th in Italy and in Spain, and 13th in France, 14th century in England  soap was also made but mostly from animal fat instead of olive oil. Mostly animal fats soaps were quite drying to the skin.

Mid 1600 in North America  soap was initially animal fat based soap and also somewhat drying. We now know that best soaps are made from combination of animal fat and vegetable fat or, the mildest soaps are made entirely from olive oil and are known are Castile Soaps.

Castile soap originates from Spain. Castile soap takes 6 months to a year to cure and are phenomenal for those with very sensitive skins including babies. We offer castile soaps unscented to keep them as pure as possible.
Another traditional soap includes, Aleppo soap which is originally made in Syria. Aleppo soap is made with olive oil and laurel berry oil. It needs unbelievably long cure time but skin benefits of olive oil and laurel berry oil are totally worth the wait and price. 

Nowadays, we have learned a lot. We know that best soaps are made from variety of plant and animal oils and butters. Carefully formulated soap reaches back to tradition of soap making but also modern science to achieve truly amazing soap that is phenomenal to your skin.

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