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Hair Care

I am very passionate about haircare. My own hair is complex; It can be curly and dry, with the propensity to damage. Over the years, I have tried everything from straightening treatments to keratin treatments, amongst many other hair products. After having children, my hair became lifeless. 


In order to successfully develop this product line, I dug deep into science. Our hair is very different from our skin; Hair has a different pH level, so a specific type of product is needed. Traditional soap made with lye and vinegar is damaging to the hair in the long-term because it will not allow your hair to maintain its ideal pH. Unfortunately, once hair is damaged, it will lose its life.


That is why I am on a mission to create gentle pH balanced shampoo and conditioner bars. As with all of my products, these are handcrafted with the best ingredients, including silk amino acids, rice proteins, Panthenol, and hydrolyzed baobab proteins. Treat your hair to a moisturizing, natural wash with these bars to see what you have been missing.


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