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Lavender is known for its soothing properties. It is so nice to breathe in its slightly herbaceous aroma and feel instant connection to inner peace and nature. 


This all natural lavender +silk hydrating mist is 100% natural and made entirely from lavender essence that we sourced from our friends in California. We added silk proteins and vegetable glycerin to add skin loving properties. Silk promotes skin elasticity, draws moisture to skin which improves skin hydration. There is no water added into this product which means you are getting pure essence of lavender flowers shipped from a lavender farm in California directly to me. 


Direction: Shake well to distribute the essencial oil into the essence. Mist your face anytime your skin feels excessively dry or when you would like to experience the benefit of soothing aromas. Allow to absorb. 


2 fl oz


Ingredients: Pure Lavender essence, vegetable glycerin, silk aminos, radish root ferment (all natural preservative made with radish root), a touch of lavender essencial oil.

Hydrating Mist Lavender Essence + Silk

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