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Lavender, so herbacious, so soothing.
Do you know that having a "sleep ritual", meaning a sequence of things you do before sleep that are soothing and calming may help you get a better night sleep? 
For example, you may try light meal instead of big and heavy one, reducing screen time including cell phone, warm bath or shower. As someone who strongly believes in power of aromas, I recommend misting your face with this amazing vitamin water with lavender hydrosol (all natural lavender essence water from real lavender). 
Vitamin complex (B3, B5, C, E) beautify your skin while natural lavender aroma is unbelievably relaxing. 

To prepare your bedreeom  for your sleep ritual, consider lavender candle and room & pillow spray. In bath or shower, consider lavender soap and shower frosting. After the bath of shower, I encourage you to use lavender body body or silky luxurious body oil. 

Ingredients; lavender essential water, distilled water, vitamin complex and all natural radish root preservation (leucidal)

You will receive 4 oz glass bottle of this amazing product.

Lavender Essence Vitamin Water Facial Mist

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