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Intern Reviews Part 1: Victorious and Brew-tiful Morning 10/19/2018)

A few weeks ago we asked a few of our interns here at Lux Leonis, and here is the feedback they gave us!

One of our interns, Patrick, recently tried Victorious. Here are his thoughts and reviews,


"The bar of soap sticks out when you first see it. Each bar from Lux Leonis is almost like a piece of art. The soap lathers very well, and smells great. The tobacco and bay leaf scent is strong but not over powering. The bar lasted longer than I had expected it to. overall a great soap" - Patrick 

Our other intern, Mary, tested one of our newest soap creations called Brew-tiful Morning. This is what she had to say about the product:


"This soap is the perfect pick up me up in the mornings. As a student-athlete, I have to wake up extremely early and I always feel quite sluggish or lethargic. This coffee infused soap really makes waking up early to shower something to look forward to. I am just amazed by the quality of the product and the durability of the soap. Not only is this a fantastic looking, feeling and smelling soap, but it also goes towards supporting another local small business. Z beans has generously donated some of their authentic Ecuadorian coffee grounds to really give you that coffee smell." -Mary

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